Movie Screening

A special community screening of the beautiful documentary about bees

Queen of the Sun

Monday 7/23


Collingswood Public Library, 771 Haddon Ave

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2 Responses to Movie Screening

  1. Ben says:

    Genetically modified seeds have bcemoe even a bigger threat than pesticides because they allow the farmers to use even more chemicals than ever! Study after study show that not only do genetically modified seeds, promoted by Monsanto and other big agricultural corporations, make us sick, causing liver and kidney failure, (and I wonder if this is why we have a kidney stone epidemic?) they are likely the cause of the decline in our honey bees.

    • Rizallove says:

      I definitely suroppt the gluten free labeling because I know I can trust it. However, I feel that the GF label causes some things that are naturally gluten free, or use only gluten free ingredients, to raise the price dramatically. If foods would add the GF label without adding to the price I would be more in suroppt of it!

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