Facts & FAQs

Basic information on GMOs and how they affect you.
You have a right to know.

Living GMO-Free

How to take charge of
your food supply and regain
your food-choice freedom.


Expand your knowledge.
Surf the Web! Read a book!
Watch a movie!

As human beings we have the wisdom to decide for ourselves what nourishment will best sustain us.
We have the unalienable right to freely choose for ourselves and our families and to know what is in our food supply.
We have the intelligence to recognize the crisis created by the presence of GMOs in our fields without our consent,
and to study it and understand it. We have the courage, the spark of initiative to turn our hearts to the task of reclaiming
the very basic human right of food choice. We have the optimism of will to take actions that will make a difference
for the health of our families, the strength of our communities and a sustainable future.
Expand awareness, inspire to action, and spread the word.