NORCROSS ❤️s MONSANTO! Make the Call, Write on his Wall, & Occupy the Town Hall!


Do you know that the DARK Act is expected to pass the House by the end of next week? Did you know that Rep. Norcross has double-crossed his constituents and is a co sponsor of the DARK Act? If we don’t respond by taking these actions we are sending a crystal clear message that we don’t care about GMO labeling. Continue reading

Garden organically with these alternatives to Roundup®


Dandelions in the lawn? Chickweed in the garden bed? Grass popping up through the cracks in the sidewalk? Make your home and garden a ROUNDUP®-FREE ZONE! Here are some great tips for avoiding the destructive effects of the world’s most common weed killing chemical. Do yourself (your soil, and the birds & bees) a favor by trying these natural alternatives. Continue reading



There is a criminal at large, a very cunning perpetrator that seems to be just about everywhere, wreaking havoc and leaving a wake of destruction. The suspect operates under the cover of a great number of aliases and we are calling upon all citizens to assist in the apprehension of ROUNDUP®, Public Enemy #1. There are multiple warrants out on this wanton vandal who must be stopped and thrown in the slammer before it’s too late! We all need to be on lookout for this extremely unsavory character so here are some descriptions from our profiler: Continue reading

Experimental Farm Network

From our friends over at Experimental Farm Network:

“BIG NEWS! It’s official, folks: we are now recruiting participants to join the Experimental Farm Network! We have every intention of turning this into the biggest citizen-science project in history because we believe the future depends on it. Whether you are a novice gardener or an experienced farmer, we want you. Whether you are an experienced university plant-breeder or a passionate amateur permaculturalist, we need you. As long as you believe it’s up to all of us to build a better world together, you belong on our team. Please fill out this form today and share widely!”