NORCROSS ❤️s MONSANTO! Make the Call, Write on his Wall, & Occupy the Town Hall!


Do you know that the DARK Act is expected to pass the House by the end of next week? Did you know that Rep. Norcross has double-crossed his constituents and is a co sponsor of the DARK Act? If we don’t respond by taking these actions we are sending a crystal clear message that we don’t care about GMO labeling.


If you are not in his district but are a spokesperson for an organization, please call on your organization’s behalf.
Use this number to get connected to his DC office: (877) 796-1949

Ask him:

* Why do you support corporate profits over human rights? H.R.1599 is a direct assault on the consumer’s right and need to know what’s in the food they are purchasing.

* Why should a corporation’s lust for profit supersede my right to know what I am eating? H.R.1599 usurps States’ Constitutional rights to pass strong GMO labeling laws.

* Why have you chosen to sell out your constituents by co-sponsoring HR 1599? We are your constituents, not the biotech industry, and we want mandatory labeling. 90% of U.S. consumers want and need labels on GMO foods.

EXTRA CREDIT: If you haven’t already, please use this tool to send an electronic message opposing the DARK Act now:

You can write your messages on comment threads and send a private message through his page here:

This is the critical moment.

Donald Norcross will be at a town hall meeting in Pennsauken on Monday. Also in attendance will be State Senator Beach and Camden County Freeholder Louis Capelli. Because the DARK Act, if passed into law, will restrict the governance of GMO labeling and crops at all levels of government this is a perfect opportunity to show our representatives what they need to do to carry out the will of their constituents.

There will be a rally outside from 5:45-6:45pm. Bring your signs for mandatory GMO labeling and against the DARK Act.

The town hall meeting has reached capacity but please attend the rally
WHEN: Monday 7/20, 5:45-6:45pm
WHERE: Camden County Boathouse, 7050 N. Park Drive, Pennsauken, NJ 08109
This is the critical moment. Together we can do this!

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