GMO labeling

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  1. Russ says:

    It’s great to hear about these meetings. Too bad I can’t get any detailed information about the bill.

    One thing that’s clear is that the state level is the best and rightful level for this kind of democratic action. We know that the FDA is radically, aggressively pro-GMO, and will never impose any kind of labeling policy other than to preempt real policy at the state level. As for federal legislation, it’s more likely Congress will pass a bill forbidding the states to enact labeling measures at all, than that it will pass a bill ordering the FDA to institute a real labeling policy.

    So however we look at it, it’s best to have a clear movement principle that we reject any central government action on this, and demand that it stay out.

    It’s also bizarre that anyone who touts a democratic “right to know” would implicitly so dislike practicing democracy, that they openly admit they’re just marking time, waiting for top-down central government action to take over.

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