YES on Proposition 37: GMO labeling. You Have a Right to Know

In November, California will vote on whether GMO-sourced food should be labeled.  The question on the ballot is called Proposition 37 and you can read the entire text here.

Why this affects everyone in America

This vote is arguably the biggest event in the short history of genetically engineered food and greatly impacts the future of our food supply; not just in California but for the entire United States.   It affects all of us because it sets a precedent; food manufacturers are unlikely to create different labels for different states.  If Prop 37 is passed it is probable that they will stop using GMOs entirely in response to consumer’s concerns.  California blazes the trail, the rest will follow.

One country after another has banned or restricted GMOs while the US doesn’t even require labeling.

Why Be Concerned?

You can peruse this website and its resources to find a plethora of reasons that dangerous untested and unregulated GMO foods should be labeled.  And here is a great  article that you will find thought provoking.

So, read, think and take action.

What are we up against?

The big biotech companies are opposed to labeling and have raised $25,000,000 which will be used to try to persuade California voters to reject truth and transparency in labeling by voting against Prop 37.  We wonder how many hungry people could be fed with that much money?  The spin has begun and is expected to grow exponentially, bombarding CA voters with lies and propaganda.  You can read this short article to separate the facts from the fiction that has already hit the airwaves.

This is our opportunity to show them that we are onto their deceptive tactics and that the power of human awareness and intelligence is far greater than all of their millions of dollars.

Ways to help:

If you live in California vote YES on Prop 37 in November because you have the right to know what you are eating!

Here are some ways for everybody to help:

And many thanks to Mike Kinnaird and our friends from CA Right To Know–we appreciate your pioneering efforts!



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