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On July 19th in Ocean City NJ author, speaker and athlete Brett Wilcox and his teenage son David will set a record as the first father-teenage son team to complete the 3,000 mile run across the USA. David, 15-years old, decided he wanted to run across the country after learning that a 17-year old girl had just completed the run. David will be the 2nd youngest runner ever to accomplish the feat.

Brett suggested they run for GMO awareness. He states, “An epic journey deserves an epic cause so we’re running for a GMO Free USA.” As the author of We’re Monsanto: Feeding the World, Lie After Lie, Brett is passionate about human and environmental health. According to Wilcox, “Monsanto is the same company that insisted its Agent Orange, PCBs, and DDT were safe. Now, in spite of the scientific evidence to the contrary, Monsanto say its GMOs and Roundup are safe.” GMOs are created when two or more unrelated species are combined in a way that could not occur in nature.

Supported by mother, Kris Wilcox and 13-year old sister Olivia, David and his father have averaged 20 miles a day, six days a week since they started on January 18 in Huntington Beach, California.

In the six months the Wilcox family has been on the road, they’ve given out thousands of seed packets labeled “GMO Free USA.” Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company donated the packets to support the running duo’s run and mission. Kris states, “The seed packets are a conversation starter. We hand out seeds and ask ‘What do you know about GMOs?'” They have found that while many people had never heard of GMOs (genetically engineered organisms) those who had, want these foods to be labeled as such. As they’ve crossed the country the running family has also given GMO Free presentations at community gatherings, festivals and farmer’s markets. They are promoting personal and environmental health, GMO food labeling and sustainable agricultural systems. Barbara Thomas of GMO Free NJ states “It is an honor and a pleasure to support this amazing family and to welcome them as they reach their goal. After 3,000 miles through snow, rain and sweltering heat, they can hardly wait to run right into the Atlantic Ocean on Saturday. Now that will be something to see!”

The Wilcox family is now in Pennsylvania; on Thursday July 17th at 9 am, local GMO free enthusiasts and supporters will meet the running family at the Liberty Bell before sending them off on the last 60 miles of their transcontinental run to Ocean City, NJ. After crossing the Ben Franklin Bridge, the runners will make a stop in Collingswood, home of GMO Free NJ before continuing to their goal. They expect to arrive in Ocean City on Saturday afternoon (7/19) where supporters will welcome and escort them to the Atlantic Ocean.

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Facebook event for Ocean City and to get updates:

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